Watch Kelly & Kloe
on Board

Created by : Matteo Mancini
Produced by: One Organization for MSC Cruises
Written by: Roberto Di Napoli
Directed by: Andrea & Carlo Parodi
Executive Producers for MSC Cruises: Matteo Mancini & Gary Glading
Producer for One Organization: Roberto Cuccarini
Original Music & Sound Effects: Davide Magnabosco


Episode 1: KELLY & KLOE

Episode 2: FAIRY TALE

Episode 3: GAME OVER

Episode 4: DANCE WITH ME


The Trailer



Dance tutorial



Be part of “Kelly & Kloe on board”

MSC Cruises is offering younger guests the opportunity to star in its web series ‘Kelly & Kloe’, follows two sisters who embark on adventure onboard a MSC ship. Onboard auditions are now open as the show gears up for its second season. Following the success of the first season of Kelly & Kloe and accompanying onboard experience, the new season will consist of new episodes on the new cruise ship MSC Meraviglia, and a seasonal episodes for Halloween. MSC Cruises has opened auditions for children between the ages of 8 and 17 for a number of characters who will play roles in the new series. Auditions are open to all kids whilst on board and will be filmed via a green screen experience, the children will perform the show’s theme song and dance routine, as well as explaining to camera why they would like to feature in the new series.